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Sweet Almond Massage Oil 500ml



Brief Description


Application Method

·      Easily absorbed, leaving skin soft and radiant

·      Suitable for all skin types.

·      Dermatologically tested, paraben free

 Ripar Evergreen Sweet Almond Massage Oil can be used daily for the prevention of stretch marks even during pregnancy.

Thanks to the high percentage of sweet almond oil (70%) it has considerable softening and toning properties.

Nourishes the skin and can be used alone or in combination with other cosmetics. Its versatility makes it useful both for professionals and for everyday use.

Its pleasant texture is easily absorbed leaving the skin radiant and not greasy.

Ideal for restoring nutrients to hair during sun exposure and as protective wrap before washing.


Qualitative formula:

Sweet almond oil: Purifying, emollient, nourishing, firming, soothing, moisturizing

Wheat-germ oil: Antioxidant, firming, protective, nourishing, restorative, soothing, moisturizing

Argan oil: firming, soothing, repairing, restoring, moisturizing, antioxidant, protective, anti-inflammatory, nourishing

Apply the right amount of Ripar Evergreen Sweet Almond Massage Oil on the area to be treated and start the massage.


To protect your hair, gently massage into the hair and scalp with your fingers or helping with a wide-toothed comb.


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