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GOMMAGE w/Alpha Hydroxy Acids 200ml

Pris NOK499,- NOK474,-
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Brief Description


Application Method

·      Gentle exfoliant

·      Its quick-drying gel formula leaves skin soft and hydrated

·      Suitable for all beauty needs

·      Dermatologically tested, paraben free

Ripar Evergreen Gommage with alpha hydroxy acids

removes impurities, promotes skin regeneration and revitalizes the appearance of dull looking skin.
Its formula has been specially designed to make it an indispensable ally for the professional in order to prepare the skin of the face and body to efficiently receive subsequent treatments.

This easy to apply gel helps remove impurities and dead skin cells thereby promoting skin regeneration. It gives the skin a luminous glow and firmness. Ideal for acne prone and sun damaged skin.

To slow down and improve hyperchromia, it is recommended to apply the RiparClear Day SPF30 in the morning and avoid sunlight.



Active ingredients:

Alpha hydroxy acids: exfoliants, antioxidants, repairers, moisturizers

Apply a thin layer of Ripar Evergreen Gommage with alpha hydroxy acidson the skin and leave it on for a maximum of 8 to 10 minutes.


Subsequently remove the film that is formed on the skin by rubbing gently with your fingertips.


Wait at least seven days before repeating application.

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